Scarlet Macaws and Biodiversity

Wild Macaw Association’s mission is Scarlet Macaw and biodiversity conservation in the South Pacific of Costa Rica.


  • promote macaw conservation in the wild
  • contribute to parrot conservation and research
  • show that parrots belong in the wild and not in captivity
  • help to preserve biodiversity, i.e. the rainforest
  • positively impact local communities

What We Do

  • Monitor and study a group of reintroduced Scarlet Macaws
  • Ecological research
  • Wild parrot rescue and rehabilitation
  • Raise awareness about parrot welfare
  • Grow native and endemic trees in nurseries for reforestation
  • Set up conservation projects with local communities
  • Develop ecotourism with local communities
  • Train students and volunteers in tropical fieldwork


Scarlet Macaws and other parrots living in the wild, not in captivity.

Protected rainforest that will preserve biodiversity for the future.

Local communities that benefit from protecting the rainforest and wildlife.