Wild Parrot Rescue and Rehabilitation

Rescue and Release

Wild Macaw Association is working with partner Hatched to Fly Free to give injured wild, native parrots and parrots confiscated from the illegal wildlife trade, a chance to rehabilitate and return to the wild. Common species that are rescued are, for example, Scarlet Macaws, Blue-headed parrots, Red-lored and Mealy Amazons. We also rescue and rehabilitate Scarlet Macaws from the former reintroduction project at Tiskita Private Biological Reserve if necessary.

Common causes for rescue are fledglings confiscated from the illegal wildlife trade, injuries due to territorial fights, and injuries due to interaction with people. Parrots that cannot be rehabilitated are placed in foster care or wildlife rescue centers.

New Aviary for the Release Site

In the release site at Tiskita Private Biological Reserve, where the release aviaries of the former reintroduction project were based, is a small aviary for emergencies. Our partner Bagelparrot Conservation Alliance, has been fundraising for a new, large aviary for macaw and native parrot rescue and rehabilitation in the release site (see picture below). Construction is planned over the course of 2018/2019 Read more

Osa Peninsula

Hatched to Fly free is our conservation partner in Puerto Jiménez on the Osa Peninsula. Hatched to Fly Free is licensed to rescue and rehabilitate wildlife, specifically parrots, and cares for Great Green and Scarlet Macaws, Amazons, and other native parrots and parakeets. The Osa Peninsula can be reached from nearby Pavones by boat across the Golfo Dulce in less than an hour, by car it is about a four hour drive.

When parrots need extensive hand-rearing or medical care, Wild Macaw Association generally sends them to Hatched to Fly Free on the Osa Peninsula. When possible, Hatched to Fly free returns these parrots back to Tiskita Private Biological Reserve, so they can be released back into their home range. In exceptional cases, we may send parrots to the veterinary clinic with wildlife department of the National University of Costa Rica.

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